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Dental Sleep Medicine and the Challenge of Medical Claims Processing

CBS has heard certain concerns from Dental Providers that seek our services over the years. These concerns stem from previous experiences with other Billing Services. The most common concerns and our recommended actions are listed below.

CONCERN: No control over billing department

ACTION: Make sure the billing company is an extension of your office, and your practice. Providing constant communication and information necessary to make sure the seams are minimal between your team and the billing service team.

CONCERN: Patient Satisfaction not met when Patient has questions about billing.

ACTION: A billing company should always answer any questions a Patient and the office may have regarding the status of the claim(s). Claims should be followed weekly; thus, making claim updates available when requested.

CONCERN: Not HIPPA compliant

ACTION: All billing companies/services need to follow HIPPA guidelines. Email, phones, and secured server need to be safe for PHI.

CONCERN: Hidden Costs

ACTION: An honest billing company does not have hidden costs/fees. The pricing structure should be transparent and explained in detail upfront in the provided contract and promotional information. It is important to keep an eye out for hidden monthly or annual fees, monthly quota demands, and requesting payment upfront for a claim prior to processing.

CONCERN: No Flexibility

ACTION: A billing company should make every attempt to maintain flexibility with your office’s schedule. Circling back to the first concern, in that, the billing service should be an extension of your practice. Reasonably, a billing service will acknowledge the main Holidays during the year, but they will make sure to continue the customer service; and accommodate your needs as best they can.

CONCERN: Limitations

ACTION: A billing company should pride itself on impeccable communication and service, especially within a timely manner. They should work closely with your office to make sure communication is stable and consistent on both ends.

CONCERN: Contractual Misunderstandings

ACTION: The billing company should provide the contract upfront before performing any services. The contract should be as transparent as their pricing structure. They should encourage all potential clients to go over the contract thoroughly, and with a legal representative if needed.

Signing with multiple billing services to find the right fit, or attempting to bring billing in house, are experiences some of our current clients underwent prior to the addition of CBS to their team. We addressed the main concerns about finding the right billing service in this article; now, here are some of the main concerns/experiences our clients expressed about in-house billing:

  • Can be costly due to more overhead creation with in house billing department needs
  • Time consuming for team, significant workload increase
  • Inability to keep up with day to day office demands and billing demands.
  • Constant turn over in billing department

When attempting to bring billing in-house we would recommend applying the majority of the actions listed above to your billing team. Also, paying particular attention to the 3 bullet points listing issues some of our providers had with bringing billing in house.

We at CBS truly pride ourselves on customer service and working in harmony with your team and the values of your practice. Our Mission is to provide dentists practicing sleep medicine, whether just starting out or established, with an efficient and simplified billing service, built on a strong ethical platform.

When searching for a billing service it is our advice to look past any billing service that may fall into multiple “concern bucket” issues.

Asking questions about the extended actions a billing service will take, way past the sign-up starting point, should hopefully give you an idea of how hard they are willing to work for you as a client. Their knowledge of benefit information, authorizations, claims filing, persistent claim follow-ups, and claim appeals for each individual Ins, will also help you see the bigger picture of the services they are offering.

CBS wants you to be successful.

Whatever your journey may be, CBS is here to assist you, answer any questions you have, discuss your past experiences, and see if we can be a good fit for you and your team.

Provided courtesy of CBS – attribution to Verywell.com: https://www.verywell.com/advantages-of-outsourcing-medical-billing-2317424

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We are here to answer your questions! Call 1-866-807-4586 or fill out the contact form below.