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Above & Beyond

“I have always felt you guys go above and beyond in helping. From answering questions about a claim to explaining the process, to going over the EOB, you have always been so helpful and knowledgeable!!! I truly appreciate all you do!!!”

Donna, Treatment Coordinator
Desert Sun Smiles

Take Great Care

“I have enjoyed working with Crystal Claims for several years! They take great care of us!!”

Shelly Belton, CDA
Offices of Dr. Sandra Fuller

Prompt and Courteous

"As a vendor they do more than just file ins. for the pt. They make sure all procedures codes, etc. are compliant and I'm up-to-date. Being a computer" dinosaur" the phone is often necessary to resolve any issues that may arise. They respond promptly and courteously. Service! Service! Service!"

Dr. Frank Barbieri
2sleep well again

Medical Billing Seems Easy

“Every interaction that my team and I have had with Crystal Billing has been nothing but positive. They are confident, helpful and make medical billing seem easy. I would highly recommend Crystal Billing to my dental colleagues.”

Jamie Brooks, DDS
Brooks Dental Studio

Great Communication

"We’ve been working with Crystal Billing for 3 years now. Great communication, timely billing, and outstanding follow-up. Want to take something off your plate with complete confidence? That’s how we feel about Crystal Billing. Highly recommended!"

Mark Draheim
Millbrae Dental Care

Simply the Best

“Efficient and experienced. Simply the best. Now if I can just get her to move into my office.”

Rosemarie Rohatgi, President
San Diego Sleep Therapy

Efficient and Thorough

"Terri and Crystal Billing has been from day one, consistently thorough on all of our claims processing. From providing our practice all the necessary start up forms to processing benefit requests usually within 24 hrs, we feel we have found the most efficient and thorough billing service out there. Terri always follows up on my emails the same day and sometimes in the same hour for all of our questions on claims, statuses, Medicare situations, and any other issues. I cannot recommend her and her company any more highly."

Dr David E Federici DMD

Why use a billing service? Here’s what our clients tell us:

  • The dental sleep medicine part of their practice is too small to have a person with sufficient time to dedicate to medical claims processing.
  • The personalities of the staff within the practice do not lend themselves to effective claims management
  • The percentage of unprocessed / unresolved claims has grown to where it is putting the dental sleep medicine offering in jeopardy
  • The shift from general dental practice to dental sleep medicine is overwhelming without the added dimension of attempting to maneuver through the maze of medical insurance for the practice.

Why do they choose Crystal Billing Services, Inc.?

  • They know us to be a billing service that actually understands dental sleep medicine billing and coding
  • They know that we aren’t driven by monthly fees, rather that we get claims entered, follow up and pursue the claim until it is resolved.
  • They know we stay on top of claims to make sure the clock doesn’t run out on them
  • They recognize our commitment to keeping their interests at the forefront of what we do.
  • They feel the “voice” of our agency reflects that of their practice
  • We just work

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